Foreign trade new deal: some enterprises export VAT can be exempted

Issuing time:2021-07-10 10:09

Foreign trade is an important component of the national economy and an important driving force. At present, the situation of foreign trade is complex and severe, with uncertainties and unstable factors increasing, and the downward pressure increasing. To promote the foreign trade stabilized for the better, is of great significance to the development and upgrading of the economy running smoothly. To this end, the following comments are made:

First, give full play to the export credit insurance role

Two, vigorously support foreign trade enterprises financing

Three, to further improve the level of trade facilitation

Four, adjust and improve the export tax rebate policy

Five, relief specification Sheqi charges

Six, further improve the processing trade policy

Seven, support the development of border trade

Eight, implement a positive import policy

Nine, to increase support for new formats of foreign trade

Ten, speed up the construction of international marketing service system

Eleven, to speed up the cultivation of foreign trade own brand

Twelve, give play to the role of two-way investment in trade

Thirteen, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights in foreign trade

Fourteen, strengthen organization and Implementation